Return management

All too often, the returns handling is neglected in the conceptual design of the business model or in the effective launch of a new operation. However, the processing of returns plays a central role, especially in the B2C sector. Although every company strives to bring its returns close to zero, in very few cases they can be avoided 100%. The percentages vary depending on the industry and product. Returns management is one of OMEST's core competencies.

We offer:

  1. automatically generated return labels
  2. daily acceptance and processing
  3. same-day data transmission for immediate reimbursement
  4. tracking of the return shipment
  5. return address in AT and DE
  6. incoming registration/scanning of returns (label scan)
  7. capture/scan of package contents (item scan)
  8. product and quality checks
  9. acceptance and processing of returns via customer’s label
  10. provision of account for return labels
  11. collective transport of the return packages to your address