Transport Solutions

Since ever transports have been accomplished: either overland or by sea, later on even by air, independently if goods or passengers, since time immemorial exists the need to carry goods and people from A to B.

This necessity has intensified in modern age. After the crisis in the 2000s the transport sector experiences again an increase in prosperity. Beside the general economic upswing other areas ride the wave of success:


  • the e-commerce is booming
  • more and more private customers demand transport services
  • the express shipments experience a heyday


The international transport business and the associated services make part of our key competences.

We offer:

  1. domestic & international transport services
  2. global freight forwarding
  3. linehaul solutions & direct journeys
  4. economy & express deliveries
  5. B2B & B2C
  6. export & import
  7. custom clearance
  8. dedicated customer service
  9. multi carrier optimization
  10. personalized & automatized customer communication